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DRYANOVO MONASTERY OF "ST ARCHANGEL MICHAEL" was founded in the 12th century and is in close proximity to the summer residence of the Bulgarian rulers from the Assen dynasty. It was for several times destroyed during the Ottoman domination. In its present-day site the monastery exists since 1845. The main church was built in 1861. Almost ruined after the Ottoman Turks' invasion, the monastery buildings were restored in 1880. Next to the church is the ossuary raised in memory of the perished insurgents. In the monastery there is a museum collection with exhibits from all historical epochs including neolithic finds from a nearby cave. In existence as early as in the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, it was subsequently destroyed and re-built on two occasions. It was restored in its present location - in the Dryanovo River gorge, 4 km away from the town of Dryanovo - in 1845. During the 1876 April Uprising an armed detachment of 200 men who, pursued by the enemy, found shelter behind the walls of Dryanovo Monastery. Throughout nine days, they engaged in fierce battle before being crushed: the insurgents and monks were killed, the monastery burned to the ground. Relics of the April epopee are preserved in the monastery museum today, along with some valuable icons.

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