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Veliko Tarnovo

Beautiful city and one of the most ancient locations. Its houses are perching one above the other up the steep slopes of the hills on the banks of the river Yantra. Its history began in the first half of the third millennium BC. However, its glorious times were 1187-1393, when it was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. The palaces of the King and the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Church on the Tzarevetz Hill were surrounded by a thick stone -wall with numerous towers. A wooden draw-bridge over vertical rocks led to the fortress. This medieval capital was famous for its school of literature -one of the most influential in Slavonic literature. Two works from this school have survived throughout the centuries: the Manasii Chronicle, kept in the Vatican Library and the Tetraevangelia of King Ivan Alexander, kept in the British Museum. Special tourist attraction is the audiovisual show “ Lights and Sounds” with laser rays (which is organised on previous request) over the walls, illuminating the hill and accompanied by Bulgarian medieval music. The town of Arbanassi, authentic jewel of the Bulgarian Revival architecture, is situated at only 3 km from the city. We suggest for the organised tourist groups the wine tasting of sparkling wine in the city of Lyaskovetz, at 9 km from Veliko Tirnovo, the unique place in Bulgaria where this wine is produced.

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