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This historical-archeological place is included in UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Program. It is situated at 17 km to Shoumen, on the plateau (tableland) of Madara. This place was inhabited in the early Neolithic and latter on by Thracians, Romans, Slavs and Bulgarians. They had left many monuments: the Big Cave, the Madara Horseman, the big Rock’s Monastery, the fortress on the plateau and a Roman villa. The Madara Horseman is the most interesting monument, dated to 7th - 8th c.c. It is a unique monument from the early Middle Age, carved in the rocks at 23 m above the ground. It pictures a nearly life-size horseman piercing a lion and followed by a dog. The bas-relief symbolises the military and political might of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. There are some reminders of Bulgarian victories over Byzantium written in Greek on the bas-relief. The Madara Horseman is included in the UNESCO’s World Cultural and Nature Program.

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