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Shoumen was founded 3200 years ago. In the antiquity it was cradle of a rich and important culture: Thracians, Romans, Byzantine and Bulgarian. In Shumen's surroundings are the first two capitals of the Bulgarian nation: Pliska and Veliki Preslav, as well as Madara's religious center. A great educational and cultural activity was developed during the Golden age of Bulgaria, when the city was called Simeonis. Two different versions exist on the origin of the name of the city: The first one is that the name descends from the tsar Simeón the Great: Simeon-Shimeonis-Shoumen and the second one, is that it originates of "shuma" =foliage for being a place of many forests. Until the 15th century the city was in the region of Shumen's fortress that explains the public and culturals constructions During 1444 was destroyed by the Turks and moved to the place in which it is nowadays. Shumen was one of the most active cultural centres during the National Revival Period.

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