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Is situated at the mouth of the river Roussenski Lom. The city is on the Danube river and its location is amphitheatrical. Rousse is the largest Bulgarian city on the Danube and the fifth largest city in Bulgaria with tradition and modernity in one. The major factor for the territorial development of the town of Ruse is the Danube river along which the town has been developing during the ages. The ancient town of Seksaginta Prista (i.e. sixty ships), was the base of the Roman navy along the lower course of the Danube river. The town was plundered and destroyed during the numerous attacks of the Slavs and proto-Bulgarians in the VI and VII centuries. During the time of the First Bulgarian state, 30 km to the south of the old Roman fortress, the mediaeval town of Cherven comes into being the settlement of Rusi. The geostrategic importance of Ruse is highly appreciated by the Ottoman invaders and they turn the small settlement on the bank of the Danube river into a big and important for the empire town. During the XVIII century the feudal town of Ruschuk is a solid military stronghold - a constituent part of the fortified rectangle Ruschuk - Silistra - Varna – Shumen. Midhad pasha, an experienced administrator possessing a reforming spirit who in 1872 becomes a grand vizir, is placed at the head of the vilayet. During the six years of his service he takes serious care of the development of trade and crafts..The town goes through an unprecedented boom. In 1866 baron Hirsh built the first railroad between Ruse and Varna. Being facilitated by the mail services, the telegraph, the railroad and the regular water transport which connect the town not only with Vienna but also with Tsarigrad /Istanbul/ a lot of foreigners establish their trade agencies here . In this modern European town Bulgarian schools are opened and the first written in Bulgarian and printed in Bulgaria newspaper "Tuna" (Danube) is established.

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