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OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Bulgaria

TERRITORY: 111 000 square km.

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: South-eastern Europe in the north-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. To the North it borders with Rumania; to the West, with Republic of Macedonia and Yugoslavia; to the East, with the Black Sea and to the South, with Greece and Turkey

CAPITAL: Sofia ( 1 141 000 inhabitants)

POPULATION: 8 428 006 inhabitants

RELIGION: 86,6% East-Orthodox Christianity; 13 % muslims. The Bulgarian Church is autonomous and it is ruled by the Patriarch


ALPHABET: Cyrillic


GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary Republic

MAIN CITIES: Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse


January 1st : New Year

March 3rd : Day of the Liberation from the Ottoman domination

Easter: Two days - Sunday and Mondays as determined for the respective year for celebrating Pascha (East-Orthodox Easter is usually one week after the Catholic one)

May 1st : International Labour Day

May 6th : St. George’s Day

May 24th : Day of the Bulgarian Culture and Slavonic Letters

September 6th : Bulgaria’s unification- National Holiday

September 22nd : Bulgaria’s independence

December 25th and 26th : Nativity of Christ

CLIMATE: Temperate continental climate with four seasons. In the south an impact of the Mediterranean climate is felt. The average annual air temperature is 10.5єC (51 F). In January the average temperature is 0єC. In summer seldom is over 30єC.

RELIEF: With variety of natural forms: the mountains occupy half of this country’s territory. Mountains and valleys reach the level of the Black Sea Coast.



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